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San Jose Child Abuse Defense Lawyer And Santa Clara Criminal Attorney

California Domestic Violence Law

The Law Office of Wesley Schroeder represents clients who have been accused of domestic abuse, domestic assault, and domestic violence, including spousal abuse and child abuse. With 40 years history practicing law in the state of California, Wesley Schroeder has successfully represented hundreds of clients in domestic violence related cases. Those who face such difficult charges need to enlist the best experience they can for their case.

Santa Clara County Spousal and Child Abuse

In most spousal and child abuse cases, prosecutors will pursue the fullest punishment provided under California law. The facts of your case will determine whether your charge is a misdemeanor or a felony charge. In addition, your criminal history or lack thereof will be taken into consideration. The consequences for a spousal or child abuse conviction can alter your life forever. If found guilty, some of the real repercussions you could face include:

  • substantial jail time
  • costly fines
  • financial obligations for the victim’s physical, mental, and emotional recovery
  • financial obligations for your rehabilitation
  • rigid probation
  • obligatory counseling
  • community service

It is quite common for a person caught up in a domestic violence allegation that it is the first time he or she has ever had to deal with any criminal accusation. There are also occasions where divorcing spouses look to leverage such charges for their benefit during divorce proceedings. Some spouses are charged with domestic violence only after the accusing spouse had incited an act of self-­defense. Still others have crossed the line of regret by a one-­time act in the heat of the moment.

In any case, your charges will be taken very seriously by Santa Clara County courts, and your future is at stake. Securing the services of a reputable, qualified criminal defense team should be your top priority. The advantages of an experienced advocate cannot be overstated when your future is on the line. We are here to protect your rights and position.

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