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 by Anonymous
Tina for San Jose

Very compassionate extremely empathetic

 by Anonymous
Highly recommend Wesley Schroeder

From the minute we met with Mr. Schroeder, we were impressed with his sincere empathy and his attentiveness to our situation regarding our son, Frankie. Mr. Schroeder took an active interest in our son's situation and followed a line of questioning that immediately got to the issues as to why and how our son had gotten into the trouble he was in and the underlying issues, including our son's mental disability that led to his predicament and incarceration.
Mr. Schroeder's subscribes to the importance of properly representing a mentally disabled person through the legal system and exercising persistent due diligence consistently throughout the long and arduous process (Mr. Schroeder personally attended/represented Frankie during the many case hearings and follow up cases). In this respect he never wavered and it was through his persistent and thorough representation of our son, that he was able to get Frankie channeled through properly through the legal system. We are indebted to Mr. Schroeder for his pro-active and caring approach, total adherence to our son's case and his excellent legal expertise. I highly recommend Mr. Schroder, as we always felt that our son was in good hands and being represented by the best.

 by Anonymous
Experienced , responsive , up to date resources

When my son was arrested we felt helpless and attacked. A good friend of the family who is also a lawyer recommended Wes Schroeder. We were told that Mr. Schroeder was an excellent negotiator, detailed and honest. After our first meeting with Wes Schroeder my husband and I were confident we found a good lawyer that could help our son. Wes Schroeder listened to our questions and addressed our Concerns. Mr. Schroeder was sensitive to our need for information and always returned our calls in a timely manner . Throughout the process we noticed the respect others had for Mr. Schroeder in the court room and judicial system . We feel that Wes used every means possible to give our son a fair chance in a difficult case. There are many aspects of our case you can't begin to imagine . My husband and I will never forget how hard Wes fought for our son. Thanks to Mr. Schroeder my son will have a future. Thank you Wes!

 by Anonymous
I recommend this attorney.

I am a naturalized Chinese-American. I was accused by my wife, whom I had recently married when she came to the United States from China. I was referred to Wesley J. Schroeder by a very experienced family law attorney who has known Wesley Schroeder for many years.

After extensive discussions and negotiations with the prosecutors' office, Wesley J. Schroeder was able to get my case dismissed completely. During this process he kept me well-informed and was very responsive to all questions I had.

I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

 by Anonymous
Could not have asked for better representation

I first met Mr. Schroeder at a time when one of those situations everyone hopes to avoid occurred. After talking to several lawyers I met Mr. Schroeder. I chose to go with Mr. Schroeder's representation as he was the only lawyer that seemed to listen to my situation and genuinely wanted to help out. He was always professional and always listened to my questions and gave truthful answers. He never tried to hide the severity of the situation and what could be gained or lost by decisions I had to make. Mr. Schroeder worked hard to keep me well informed of all facets of the case and what progress or road blocks we were facing. At every turn Mr. Schroeder seemed to have the needed resources and skill no matter what the situation. I cannot recommend his counsel and experience enough

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