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San Jose Sex Crime Accusations Lawyer And San Jose Criminal Attorney

The shame and lasting impact of being charged with a sex crime can be terrifying. It is too heavy a burden to bear on one’s own. When our clients have been accused, our defense team is prepared and ready to represent them. Sex crimes law in California can include a variety of charges, including:

Sexual Assault Charges

  • Sexual Battery (unlawful touching)
  • Statutory Rape (unlawful intercourse)
  • Date Rape
  • Rape
  • Spousal Rape
  • Oral Copulation by force or threat

Prostitution Charges

Other Types of Sex-Related Charges

  • Indecent Exposure
  • Engaging in Lewd Conduct
  • Solicitation for Lewd Conduct
  • Use of Electronic Device and Internet for a Sex Crime

The immediate effects of sex crime allegations can be that friends, family, coworkers, and business clients can find out about it, and your name is damaged before your case ever begins. Employers may jump to conclusions and terminate your employment as a preventive measure. Financial hardship can quickly accompany these charges. Wesley Schroeder has over 40 years of experience with California criminal law. We grasp the devastating nature of these types of allegations. We are wholly dedicated to the principle that all people accused, regardless of the type of offense, are entitled to full and scrupulously fair treatment. They also deserve respect and non­judgmental treatment. You can be assured that at all times you will be treated with steadfast devotion to these ideals. We will stand with and support you throughout this challenging process.

Possible Defenses For Sex Crime Accusations

Our team will work to uncover every possible angle to represent you with seasoned expertise. Some of the defense strategies we may employ to fight the sex-related charges would include establishing when appropriate false allegations, consent of the alleged victim, and insufficient evidence. In addition, there may be improper police reporting, Miranda rights violations, and other important factors that need to be investigated and discussed when we take a case. Any witnesses will be interviewed, and DNA evidence scrutinized if appropriate.

Sex Crime Penalties

The state of California takes these cases very seriously and looks to punish the guilty to the fullest extent of the law. Some of the penalties for a sex crime conviction could include:

  • Time in Santa Clara County jail
  • Depending on the charge, up to a full life sentence in a California state prison
  • A strike on your record
  • Fines
  • Court fees
  • Sex offender counseling
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Sex offender registration
  • Exposure to post­sentence civil commitment

We seek to help you or your loved one avoid county jail or state prison. If jail or prison is inevitable, we work to reduce the sentence given. In addition we fully employ our experience, relationships, and understanding of the process to reduce the financial burden by attempting to get fines, fees, and mandatory counseling reduced.

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If you or someone you love are seeking to have representation in a sex crime charge, take advantage of the very extensive experience and prudent counsel of the Law Firm of Wesley Schroeder. We are uniquely equipped to help you or your loved one pursue the best possible outcome in your case. While past success does not guarantee future outcomes, we have a history of excellent representation that reaches back decades, including acquittals or vastly reduced charges in sex-­related cases. Call (408) 277­-0377 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our firm and let us get started on your case today. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to provide the highest quality representation for you and your family.