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San Jose Criminal Attorney And Santa Clara Expungement Attorney

America was founded on the idea of giving people an opportunity to start fresh and anew. An expungement is just that -­ a second chance. The Law Office of Wesley Schroeder works hand-­in-hand to help our clients with a past criminal record achieve the goal of receiving legal expungement. Let us help you or your loved one petition for expungement when the terms and conditions of your past conviction have been met.

What is Expungement?

Laws in the state of California have been established for the express purpose of helping a person with a criminal record clear his or her name. An expungement does not eradicate a conviction; however, despite that fact, it has great value in freeing a person from a number of penalties and disabilities that flow from a conviction. There are a wide array of factors that affect the various benefits that arise from this action.

The Representation of Wesley Schroeder Clearing Records

With four decades of experience in California criminal law you will be drawing on highly skilled representation to help clear your record. This experience includes excellent trial and advocacy skills, which create the basis for extensive in depth knowledge of the operation of the criminal justice system. Expungement helps with the issues you face as a free citizen after your time has been served and court conditions have been completed. A criminal record can hurt you in multiple ways ­ job search, housing, and personal reputation. Not everyone qualifies for an expungement. Our team would be happy to discuss prerequisites to such a petition and your options. Within a short time we can file an expungement request. Enough time should be allowed for the probation department to prepare a recommendation. Also, time will be needed to gather any pertinent information necessary to support your request. This usually takes about 30­ to 45 days.

Attorney Wesley Schroeder For Expungement Actions

If you are ready to pursue having your records expunged, take advantage of the experienced counsel of the skilled professionals at our firm. We are poised to help you and your family pursue the best possible outcome in your case. Our team is ready to provide the highest quality representation for you and your family to have your name legally cleared. Call (408) 277­-0377 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our firm, and let us get started on your case today.