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Juvenile Law Attorney Serving San Jose and Santa Clara County

Juvenile law is a specialized area of California law. Understanding the complexities and nuances of juvenile law requires experience. The Law Office of Wesley Schroeder will effectively apply our 40 plus years of juvenile law experience to provide the kind of legal care required in juvenile cases.

California Juvenile Courts

Parents are understandably concerned with the outcome of juvenile cases. The balance sought by the courts is both to acknowledge and appropriately deter the law violation while also taking into full consideration the lack of maturity of the minor child. The Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602 and the California Penal Code serve as foundational guidelines for California juvenile courts.

Criminal Defense For Juveniles

The focal point of our advocacy in juvenile delinquency cases is to pursue the best possible protection for your child’s future. Most California courts are open to finding creative alternatives to custody time, when appropriate. We will diligently seek what is best for your child. What is at stake is your child’s criminal record, his or her ability to receive financial aid for college or be accepted to college at all, his or her ability to drive and become employed, and a number of other personal freedoms most citizens enjoy. Courts are open to helping parents get connected with professional assistance in dealing with juveniles – including therapy, medication, and other aids and alternatives to custody. We strive to weave together a solution that incorporates the court’s general willingness to fashion a constructive result which will assure no future law contacts and enable your child to become a productive member of the community. This reflects a focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

How We Can Help

The San Jose team of professionals at the Law Office of Wesley Schroeder is equipped to represent your child in his or her juvenile case. We have worked with numerous clients over the years to help them through the process and pursue optimal outcomes. Timely and aggressive representation is an important part of what your attorney provides when you are facing criminal charges of any kind. We approach each case with the understanding that some of these cases can affect these young people and their families for life. We understand our clients may be dealing with the very real effects of mental disorder as a source of their involvement with the juvenile court system and are equipped to provide every resource at our disposal to assist with the appropriate remedy to satisfy the court and maintain the health of the individual.

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Each minor child, parent and case is different and requires expert representation. Enlist the counsel of the San Jose juvenile law professionals at the law firm of Wesley Schroeder today. We are ready to help you and your family pursue the best possible outcome in your case. Call (408) 277-­0377 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our firm and let us get started on your case today. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to provide the highest quality representation for you and your family.