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We believe there is more to your story than what many people consider. When prosecutors want to investigate whether or not to file charges in the wake of an alleged crime, they typically do so from a limited point of view, which will come from police reports and the accuser.

What Clients are Saying
"When your reputation, livelihood, and freedom are at stake, the person you choose to legally represent you really does make all the difference in the world. My case involved a complex domestic mental-health situation in which false charges were brought against me that had the potential of ruining my life. Even though I originally chose Wesley Schroeder to represent me based on his vast experience in criminal law, his extensive network of relationships with key players in all areas of the legal system played a crucial role in determining the outcome. He strategically timed and masterfully presented the evidence to the district attorney, which avoided the case going to trial. The final result was more than I could have hoped for. All charges against me were dropped for insufficient evidence, allowing me to return to a life free from any repercussions. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Schroeder to anyone seeking legal counsel."
"I met Wesley Schroeder at the office of another attorney when I was assisting a friend. After that meeting both of my sons were accused of various offenses at separate times. It was a very difficult time when this happened. I remembered Wesley Schroeder from our initial meeting and felt he could help my family so I chose him to help us through the court system. Even though one of my sons in particular kept getting in trouble due to substance abuse issues, Wes was totally patient and understanding and never gave up trying for my son. The main feeling I had was that he was there for my family and never gave up trying to help.  I would strongly recommend Wesley Schroeder to assist anyone with a case that involves criminal charges."
"Mr. Schroeder was hired by me to help when I was accused of certain offenses because of actions by my then ­ boyfriend against my daughter. It was a very difficult situation. I appreciated how Wesley really supported me throughout this ordeal. I felt deeply wronged by my former boyfriend and needed the kind of patience, understanding and judgment that Mr. Schroeder provided. With his guidance, he steered me through this ordeal and worked out a result where I got a misdemeanor from a felony case. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who might need his service."
"I am a mother of 6 children. I had a strike offense on my record from a previous incident with my former husband. I was involved in a traffic accident and was accused of an assault with an automobile. The facts were complicated. I hired Wesley Schroeder to represent me. At the beginning he worked hard to get me out of jail. He spoke with my family and various bond companies. He was able to convince the court to reduce my bail so I could get out of jail to care for my children. He thoroughly evaluated and investigated my case and was able to convince the District Attorney that there were serious problems with their case. Because of what he did, the District Attorney changed the charges and dropped the strike. I went from mandatory prison of at least 9 years to electronic monitoring, which allowed me to continue being a mother to my kids. I am so grateful for his dedication and belief in my case. It truly saved me and my family."
"I can’t thank you enough for your recent representation of my son. With him being out of state and making some poor choices, you gave both my wife and I great comfort in all of our phone conversations and discussions throughout the entire process. We greatly appreciated your "bedside manner" and your efforts to not over promise and underperform. You were candid, thorough and professional, and for that we will be forever thankful. Our son has turned the page on his youthful indiscretion and is growing into a fine young man, father, son, and employee for most of which would have been delayed indefinitely without the aid of you and your staff."
"Wesley Schroeder was recommended to me by an attorney in the dependency court system. I was a grandparent to a dependent child and wanted to be sure my grandchild would be properly protected, and that I would be involved in the child’s care. Mr. Schroeder was knowledgeable and thorough in guiding my husband and me through a difficult process. During the actual courtroom procedures he did a good job with questioning witnesses and arguing the case. The results were all I could hope for. I strongly believe this result would not have occurred without his skill and knowledge. I would certainly recommend Mr. Schroeder for anyone needing assistance in Dependency Court."
"I was fortunate to have been recommended to Wesley by a local attorney in San Jose. Dealing with my less than admirable transgressions proved to be a very scary and unsure time for me. That being said Wesley bent over backwards for me time and time again to reassure me of everything that was evolving in my case. Being that my crime was committed out of state there were logistical nightmares that Wesley was able to squash at every corner. However, above all else I must thank Wesley for his ability to help me avoid jail time and the need for a local probation officer by arranging for out of state electronic monitoring. I would highly recommend Wesley and his team for anyone that might find themselves in need."
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