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San Jose Child Endangerment Defense Lawyer And Santa Clara Child Support Attorney

We represent parents of children thought to have been exposed to substance abuse. When a person is negligent or reckless, putting a child in an inherently dangerous situation, that person can be accused of child endangerment.

In the state of California, Child Protective Services (CPS) is immediately contacted if babies are affected by substance abuse. These children are referred to as substance exposed newborns or SENs and are subject to immediate, temporary removal from parents.

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If you and/or your spouse has been accused of child endangerment or any other drug-­related child abuse claim, do not hesitate to contact our defense team. Our depth of knowledge and experience with California’s dependency laws can be of benefit to you or your spouse in the process.

California Dependency and Child Abuse Law

When a newborn baby is exposed to maternal drug abuse/exposure, the state of California requires Child Protective Services to fill out an assessment of the needs of the infant. In addition, the agency will make a referral for the infant’s family to appropriate services. When you are accused of child abuse, or when your child is thought to be a substance-­exposed newborn (SEN), you need the strongest, most experienced counsel available. Call (408) 277­-0377 to schedule an appointment with our firm and let us get started on your case today.

If you have been accused of endangering a child, take advantage of the experienced counsel of the skilled and proven professionals at the Law Firm of Wesley Schroeder. We are ready to help you and your family pursue the best possible outcome in your case.