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Cosby’s Legal Team Files Appeal Claiming Bias Played a Part in Sentencing

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Few celebrities have fallen from fame more dramatically than the once-adored comedian and television personality, Bill Cosby. In September, Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years’ imprisonment for three counts of aggravated indecent assault. These are only a portion of the sex crimes Cosby has been accused of, but lawyers for Cosby say that they will not stop fighting for the 81 year-old’s freedom. While it been a little less than two weeks since Bill Cosby was sentenced to a prison term which may last longer than his life, his legal team is working to have the judge who presided over his case removed and to get Cosby out of prison.

Defense Attorneys File a Motion to Overturn September Sentencing

Last Friday, Cosby’s legal team filed a defense motion that outlines their requests. They believe Cosby’s conviction and subsequent sentencing should be overturned due to mistakes made during his sex assault case and trial. The motion, which reads, “The defendant, William H. Cosby, Jr., moves this Court for a new trial in the interest of justice, or at least for reconsideration and modification of the sentence imposed on September 25, 2018,” may be Cosby’s last chance at avoiding a lengthy prison sentence.

In 2015, Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, which is a Class II felony in Pennsylvania. The ensuing trial ended in a mistrial last year. Cosby’s defense team says that after the 2017 mistrial, the Judge in charge of the case should have recused himself from the September 25, 2018 retrial. Attorneys for Cosby claim that Judge Steven O’Neill was not unbiased, saying “a reasonable observer could question the impartiality of the judge who imposed the sentence.”

Have You Been Accused of a Sex Crime?

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