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Bill Cosby Sentenced to State Prison for Sex Crimes

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The last few years have been monumental with regard to bringing awareness to sex crimes. A staggering number of famous actors, comedians, political figures, and other celebrities have been accused of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. Women and men who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted are coming forward with their stories and demanding justice.

One of the most shocking allegations of sexual violence was brought against a man once called “America’s Dad.” Known for decades as a successful comedian and actor, Bill Cosby is now a registered sex offender. In April of this year, Cosby was convicted of aggravated indecent assault and more recently was sentenced to three to five years in prison for his crimes.

Cosby’s Accuser Says He Gave Her Pills

The accusation of sexual assault was first made against Cosby to the Durham Regional Police Service in Toronto, Ontario in January of 2005. This report was forwarded to authorities in Pennsylvania, where the assault allegedly took place. The victim claimed—then and now—that in a 2004 incident, Cosby gave her blue pills and wine which made her extremely groggy and fuzzy-headed. Cosby says that the pills were only the over-the-counter antihistamine Benadryl. The victim stated that Cosby gave her the pills so that he could sexually assault her. Hers is only one of the dozens of allegations of forced drugging and sexual assault made against the once-celebrated comedian.

Attorneys for Cosby Will Continue to Fight

To date, over 60 different women have accused Cosby of sex crimes including rape, sexual battery, drug-facilitated sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. However, Bill Cosby and his legal team have repeatedly denied that any sexual assault or wrongdoing occurred. Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Cosby, called the prosecution “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.” He added that Cosby “knows that these are lies.” Attorneys for the 81-year-old have already filed a notice of appeal. The Cosby trial is monumental for several reasons. Not only was Cosby a highly-regarded public figure before these allegations surfaced, but he is also the first celebrity accused of sexual misconduct to actually be criminally convicted since the launch of the #MeToo movement.

Charged With Sexual Assault or a Sex Crime in California?

Being accused of a sex crime can dramatically alter a person’s life. Even false accusations of sexual violence can turn an individual’s world upside down.  If you have been charged with sexual assault, sexual battery, rape, or another sex crime, you have a Constitutional right to be represented by an experienced and proficient San Jose criminal defense attorney. Call 408-277-0377 today to schedule a completely confidential consultation with Wesley J. Schroeder, Attorney at Law.